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    , Dealer just called me and said someone backed out of there Raptor....,

    Dm me and I will give you his contact info
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    , Dealer just called me and said someone backed out of there Raptor....,

    code orange 25k over mrsp.... i just asked for the build sheet to post ...don't shoot the messenger lol
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    Car wash?

    Hand wash only in my book
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    Top light bar options

    I'm sold on the rigid 360, 4 inch with amber backlight.
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    Top light bar options

    I decided to go with Rigid 360 6 inch amber for my Raptor. I know they are kind of pricey, but I really like the way they look. What's the consensus on what mount to use? For those that do have top mount lights how is the noise... is it an issue?
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    New plate came in!

    GOAT4x4 Go Over Any Terrain, but my favorite Greatest Of All Time!
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    Fender Flares - Color Match Paint

    I personally love everything about the stock fenders!
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    How many Bronco Raptors will be built?

    How many were built in 2022?
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    fuel range on a tank, a gas

    honestly, I have no expectations so it's all good
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    fuel range on a tank, a gas

    When I fill up the Bronco, it only tells me that I'm gonna get about 295 miles on the tank that seems kind of low doesn't it?
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    Worth the wait!!

    Watching the 2021 Ford Bronco Debut video July 13...Day 1 reservation, well... technically day 2 because I stayed up till 1:48 AM trying to get my reservation through on the Ford website(remember how bad that was), code 99 got bumped to 2022 Heard a rumor about a Bronco Warthog so hustled to...
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