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  1. onthelookout

    Has anyone actually received their Bronco Raptor yet?

    Congrats. Hoping for a quick transit time for you (I think it was about 11-12 days for me from receiving the shipped notification to arriving at the railyard in Southern California, plus an additional 3 days to the dealer). A great way to end the year.
  2. onthelookout

    Will the BRaptor die in a 7ft clearance parking garage?

    My parking garage has 7' clearance, and no issues. Was definitely slow the first time through with one panel off just to be extra cautious (it feels a lot closer in the driver's seat than it actually was). Just need to make sure it is a true 7' clearance and nothing hanging down (sprinklers...
  3. onthelookout

    Dome light by mirror

    One of the buttons overhead turns off / on the interior light function when doors are opened. It’s on the right side of the panel, I think closest to the window (bottom right logo from the below). Edit: for clarity.
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  6. onthelookout

    VIN and build data for the 2022 Bronco Raptor

    I think the tear tag is model / trim specific, as mine was the same a month ago.
  7. onthelookout

    Front Bumper center cover/flap question

    Certainly let me know what works for you. You are probably correct in that the same people installed and weren't too diligent noticing that part hanging down. Appears it should be an easy(ish) fix, may just require removing part of the top section of the bumper. In the grand scheme of things...
  8. onthelookout

    Front Bumper center cover/flap question

    I have the same flap showing on mine, and most of the photos I have seen have it tucked up inside. However, it seems based on the limited flexibility of the part, might need to remove the bumper to tuck it under.
  9. onthelookout

    VIN and build data for the 2022 Bronco Raptor Edit: My tear tag showed up a day or so after the modules first appeared.
  10. onthelookout

    Dash USB voltage

    Just purchased a Blackvue and plan to do the hardwired install soon. At least I hope I can bring limited in my wherewithal for these things.
  11. onthelookout

    Shadow Black Bronco Raptor Photo Thread

    Will try to get some better shots, but posting this one here too.
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  13. onthelookout

    BRaptors in the Wild…

    Picked her up after some PPF and ceramic coating. Made the G look small.
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  15. onthelookout

    Two Bronco Raptors! Which One Will We Build For SEMA and FAST! - By Maxlider Brothers Customs

    Believe the black one may have been the first Raptor they received (albeit maybe they got yet another). Curious to see the final SEMA build, but so far have much preferred their Gen 1 products to what I’ve seen for Gen 6 (just my opinion).
  16. onthelookout

    Roll Bar Grab Handles - Front Doors

    Ended up buying the same ones as I’m not a fan of the paracord look. Handles arrived and are pretty heavy duty themselves, but now just need my vehicle back to install them. Appreciate the recommendation @TurboS
  17. onthelookout

    RE-Order banks are now open.

    Have found Consumer Reports as a pretty good proxy for the two cars I sold within the last 6 months (Kelley Blue Book was another data point, but wasn’t as good for models with fewer sales in my experience). I otherwise traded in a Badlands SAS with under 1k miles on my BR for the high end of...
  18. onthelookout

    Oxford White Bronco Raptor Photo Thread

    Great shots. Looks like you removed the mud flaps, and I was considering doing the same (such an improvement aesthetically, in my opinion). Any issues you've had doing so, or noticed a lot more debris hitting the truck?
  19. onthelookout

    Braptor New Member - Hello

    With black being a slimming color, you might miss me 😂... Appreciate that though - it felt like an eternity to finally receive, but these things are well worth the wait.