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Saw you on the Bronco Raptor forum map. A am also in San Antonio. Was wondering if your dealer has indicated what they will sell on to you for? My dealer is telling me they want $25k over sticker
I’m purchasing from a a small dealer in Kerrville whom I’ve worked with for years. My original Bronco order was at MSRP (which I never got), but my Golden Ticket Raptor has been agreed on at $5k over sticker. I am their only Raptor and they have no regular dealer allocations (at least that’s what I’ve been told). I have a confirmed order but no production week or VIN yet.
Saw you are on the Raptor map from Bronco Raptor forum. Was wondering what dealership you are using and if they have indicated they will charge a markup. I am in San Antonio and my dealer wants $25 over sticker
Hey, I saw you on Bronco Raptor member map. I'm up in Cookeville, previous Gen2 owner. Current production for my Braptor is June 20 but expecting it to move again.
Hi! We are down on Center Hill Lake about 3 miles from Sligo. Our BRAptor is scheduled for June 27 build date. Of course we are out of the country till October!!!!!
Al The Pal
Awesome, we'll need to meet up once we both get the trucks. I hope you're enjoying some time away.
I have secured an allocation for a Raptor (late to the party). The ADM is over $30k which I managed to discount! I know this is an insane mark up but then again insanely desirable vehicle. I'm really not sure if this makes financial sense or I should wait 12-24mnths until I can pick one up at MSRP? Thoughts?
It's a Rap
It's a Rap
Hello Mhuds3,

I'm curious what was your decision with pay more now or wait and maybe save?