0-60 Testing w/ Whipple Calibration & Megacooler


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Oct 20, 2022
South Florida
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Hey all!

We just got done testing the 0-60 times on our 2022 Bronco Raptor that's flashed with the latest Whipple Calibration & their Megacooler and it's safe to say, it's the real deal.

Check out the full video here!

Now if you're new to the build, we've added a Turbosmart Dual Port BOV, UPR Catch Can, and some Vossen Wheels w/ Nitto Ridge Grapplers. While with the slightly larger wheels and tires, we do expect the times to be a little slower than with the stock wheels, however, our Baseline 0-60 times match what many people have found in their testing.

Our quickest Stock 0-60 : 6.25 Secs.

Quickest Whipple-Tuned 0-60 : 5.64 Secs.

That's well over a half second dropped, with I think much more potential with stock wheels and better conditions (cooler, drier air), but you certainly can feel it with the "butt dyno". Just to double check though, we will be taking the truck back to the dyno since we have yet to test the gains with the Megacooler, as well as some tune updates Whipple released.

By far though, with the Whipple Calibration over the stock, it's a much better driving experience. With better throttle response, smoother shifts, and now even proven to be one of the quickest mods you can do to the Bronco Raptor... That is until we get some bigger turbos from Whipple ;).

Check out the Calibration and Megacooler here!
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