2023 Hybrid Bronco


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Mar 30, 2022
I saw a video yesterday that stated the Ford CEO verified that they will produce a hybrid bronco. Did not say if it would be a plug in hybrid or not or if it would effect the Bronco Raptor. My guess is that it will only apply to the 2.3L engine option.

Has anyone heard anything more on this?

Also there looks to be a lead good gray option coming for 2023. Might only be for the heritage model but would love to see that on the Raptor. I’m guessing that I will get pushed to 2023 since I’ve heard nothing on my build or received a vin yet.
This was posted on our group a few days ago and it sure looks like it could be an electric/hybrid Bronco test mule.
Screen Shot 2022-08-10 at 7.03.01 AM.png
I will be surprised if there isn't a Bronco Raptor Hybrid in the future which will close the straight line acceleration gap with the upcoming EV's and oh ya those ...Hemi's..
The photo's above appear to be this early camouflaged test mule (Warthog), now un-camouflaged. Photo's taken 21Sep20. Hence the 35" tires, tacked on fender flares with standard Bronco fenders and tail lights. Note the battery cable size wiring on the underside in front of rear tire. That cabling is quit large for simply test equipment or the Fox active dampers and sensors. Any guesses on what the cabling is for?


How do you get hybrid out of this.... looks like a raptor to me with different flares and maybe painted top...
The yellow markings and tow hooks sometimes indicate a hybrid model. It's strange that this one has that and not an obvious exhaust exit.