3rd Brake Light Relocation Bracket


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Jan 9, 2023
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Has anyone seen one of these brackets that works for the Bronco Raptor? The KR and DV8 do not work with the Raptor. Im looking for one as Id like to raise the 3rd brake light to actually clear a 39" tire. I recognize that size tire fits as is, but the 3rd brake light itself is obstructed. I want it to be clear like how it sits with the 37.


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Right, that one looks like the 33"/35" bracket from KR Off-Road. You would have to bolt two brackets together or fabricate an XXL version if you wanted to go that route.

What are you doing about bumper interference with a 39" tire?

It might be better to do something like JCR Offroad's relocation kit that goes in the center of the tire. It is not pretty, but functional. Exp-One makes a relocation kit also, which is much cleaner IMHO, and it would not matter what size tire is mounted.

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The one i posted is for the standard bronco and can clear all the way up to a 41" tire.

There is no bumper interference with a 39 ko2.

I have considered moving to the tire center with a baja designs rtl mini, but i like the look of the oem setup.

I just found out from RPG they are making a mount for our braptors to
solve this issue


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