am/fm 6 speakers sdars


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Apr 19, 2024
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Hey everyone, long time lurker here with a few quick questions. Went to go purchase a used 23 a few weeks ago but unfortunately the dealer wasn't upfront with some of the issues until we got there (wasted 8 hrs round trip along with mileage on our Badlands and gas etc. Avoid Sewell BMW in Grapevine (Dallas) at all costs if you can).

Currently looking at a 23 that has the sdars $250 credit on the window sticker. I've searched but can't find the answer: is this strictly a sub woofer/amp delete or are there any other downgrades with this equipment removal? My concern is not having the B/O set up will affect the overall quality of speakers and be sub par. Does this also affect the stereo head unit (guess it's a screen now, standard stereo head units are gone lol) or is it all the same across Lux pkg models? I can certainly replace all the speakers with aftermarket but if the quality coming from the head unit is downgraded that's not fixable.

Thanks in advance

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