Apple CarPlay Navigation Glitch?


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Apr 21, 2022
Houston, TX
Hi all - 400 miles in on my Code Orange Braptor break in, loving every minute and nearly problem free…BUT… having a problem with Apple CarPlay - wondering if anyone else has had this or something similar happen. Specifically having issues with Waze, Apple Maps and Google Maps while they are navigating to a destination…where the apps (or CarPlay? Or the Braptor?) will switch orientation and seem to show the vehicle moving in the opposite direction from its actual movement, resulting in endless attempts to re-route and showing where I’ve just been as “up” (when set to direction of travel up). Using iPhone 12 Pro Max. Verified phone, apps and Braptor are all up to date/latest versions of software. Have never had this problem with same phone and apps using CarPlay in other vehicles.

Anyone else having a problem? Any suggestions?
I haven't had this specific issue with CarPlay but I have had similar issues with it across the Braptor, my JLU and my wife's G70. Waze had/has a known issue of anchoring to the last location of navigation which requires you to start navigation from the app on the phone and THEN initiating CarPlay. I've also seen my Apple Maps show my location on a parallel road (several hundred yards away) as I drive down the highway.

So not sure if it's CarPlay, the App itself or even the GPS function in the device but I do have a fair amount of confidence that it's not the vehicle. I have a 14 Pro with all software up-to-date.

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