Braptor reservation swap from First Edition cancelations:


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Dec 5, 2021
My status updates for the FE to Raptor reservations conversation pulled from B6G.

{update 17Dec2021}
  • While stopping to get my bead-locker rings, my dealer ordering manager wanted to check out my modifications. While doing so in conversations, he stated to another employee that my deanship wont see any raptors for the normal market if all the canceled FE's (total of 5) actually order in January, and take delivery. Here is to more hopeful thinking.

{update 15NOV2021}
  • Heard today they should be opening the Braptor scheduling In January.

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{update 26OCT2021}
  • Received a text yesterday from my dealer, first time I have gotten written proof of the situation.

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{update 23OCT2021}
  • based off discussions, this appears to be am actually thing, I feel that the forums communitive efforts are more realistic than whatever ford has been putting out. #ReservationsOverAllocations. However, I noticed that my reservation on went from a FE, to a MY22 bronco, and now shows a 2022 Bronco Wildtrak; but still has the FE picture. I contact my dealer and at this moment it appears to be a temp hold until the orders system opens for Braptors. With that, I was also informed that the local area/regional ford rep instructed my deal to offer this. Additionally, I was debugging the reservation portal and notices odd combinations within the build so who knows. I will keep an eye out and post as updates come in.

  • For anyone that had there reservations cancelled, two for dealers I spoke with today stated that ford is allowing dealers to convert a my21 reservation to a my22 raptor allocation. I am not sure if this is for all reservations or FE reservations. Mine was a First edition reservation that ford cancelled (yes ford cancelled my 2-dr FE / 50% of all reservations at my dealer despite the “memo”)
  • Anyone else hear the same news elsewhere?


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Sep 16, 2021
I heard it depends on the dealership because not all Ford dealers get Raptor allocations. So if your dealer sells a bunch of F150 Raptors then you probably have a shot at getting your my21 FE reservation converted to a my22 Bronco Raptor, but I don't feel like this is an automatic process and that your dealer will manually have to do this for you. So hopefully, they treat you right and give you the first Bronco Raptor allocation they get.

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