Broken Ford Bronco Steering Rack?! Here's HOW TO FIX IT! - By Lite Brite


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Feb 24, 2022
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The OEM steering rack was Not broken, the casing was upgraded to the 74Weld billet unit.
Chris and Quinn, president of 74Weld, do a 74Weld billet rack housing swap on Lite Brite's Bronco Raptor. Quinn also describes how and what causes the steering rack casing to fail.

"At this point, everyone knows that the new Ford Bronco has a real issue of bending and breaking tie rods. From there, a broken steering rack might not be far behind (in addition to the other collateral damage that could occur). And although the Ford Bronco Raptor (and some Bronco trims) have beefier steering racks...they're still far from indestructible. Lucky for us, we found a replacement that IS basically indestructible - the 74Weld billet aluminum steering rack!"

Related video from 74Weld



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Dec 3, 2022
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A good solution for HOSS 2.0 owners, questionable for HOSS 3.0 and unnecessary for HOSS 4.0. Just more LiteBrite click bait.

In the video, Quinn incorrectly identifies the Bronco Raptor as having a HOSS 3.0 system. Everybody knows it is a HOSS 4.0, so how is this a "fix"? I won't even call it PM since there are no known failures. Hence, the 74Weld billet unit is an unnecessary cost for Bronco Raptors ($3,800 as shown in the video) IMHO.
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