Bronco 2.7 problems

Seems odd it's just the Bronco 2.7L. This engine is in thousands of F150's since 2015. Appears there is 32 reported occurances.
NHTSA report
32 is the number reported to NHTSA, not the total fail number, which is significantly higher. As an example, I believe the Bronco6G site is tracking 50 (of which most are the 32). Obviously there are many more from owners that are not posting on B6G. And the input on B6G about the engine's reputation is that the 2.7 in the Bronco is not exactly the same as the one in the F-150. Got my fingers crossed that mine keeps running trouble free.
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there are alternator problems, fuel pump problems, blown engines, and loose wires just to name a few problems with the 2.7 I've seen from B6G

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