Bronco Expedition: Baja Sur 4/14/23-4/19/23

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Feb 13, 2022
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Expedition X Offroad’s first Baja Bronco trip of 2023 was announced today for Friday, April 14 - Wednesday, April 19.

EDIT: Confirmed that Bronco Raptors are invited as well. Space is limited to 12 Broncos.

Here’s the info for anyone interested:

We are thrilled to announce Bronco Expedition: Baja Sur! If you’ve been wanting to join us on a Baja adventure...this is the one! This will be a once in a lifetime adventure-vacation as we criss cross 3/4ths of the Baja peninsula on our way to Loreto and back.

Covering over 1700 miles of the Baja desert in 6 days, our group will experience trails driven by off-road legends such as Ivan Stewart, Rob MacCachren, Robby Gordon, BJ Baldwin, and many other racing champions. While our priority is ensuring a safe, relaxing, and fun run for all participants, both you and your truck will be challenged on some of the toughest off-road terrain in the world.

We will be stopping at several historic missions and scenic beaches to soak it all in. The scenery you will see on this run will truly be amazing.

The “Bronco Expedition: Baja Sur” run will begin Friday April 14th and end on Wednesday the 19th. We will meet north of the Mexico border in Southern California. A driver’s meeting will be held before we cross, ensuring all participants are aware of the run details, rules on the trail, safety concerns, and road conditions. Our crew and participants will cross into Mexico as a group.
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Looks like a blast! Especially, those beach runs along the surf!