Bronco Raptor 1st time Off-Road - By Wheel2Live Outdoors


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Feb 24, 2022
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2022 Bronco Raptor
Brought to us by one of our own members here @Wheel2Live Outdoors with his family navigating a backwoods washed out muddy trail with his own Bronco Raptor. When & if I take my Bronco Raptor off-road I'm expecting I will be at a similar pace. We have many videos on here of Bronco Raptors taking punishment off road with ease, however most of those are with "Ford's Media" Bronco Raptors, not their own Bronco Raptor. :giggle:

Thank you Jeff for sharing with us.

"Finally getting a little time to off road the Raptor. We have had major rain and storms every weekend for the last month it seems. I videoed most of these clips for Youtube shorts but thought some of it was good enough for a quick little video. I am super impressed with this Bronco and although this isn't technical wheeling its still offroad and it feels amazing. I even let a Newbie (Never driven in 4x4 get behind the wheel and experience getting cross axled. Thanks for watching and I hope you enjoyed the show."