Bronco Raptor Detail Products and Questions


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Sep 16, 2021
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I've been out of the automotive detail game for a bit and I'm looking for some advice on new products to use on my Bronco Raptor. Back about 20 years ago Zymol and Griot's Garage was about the best stuff I could get off the shelf of an Autozone. Now there are these cool new companies like Adam's Polishes and Chemical Guys that have fancy new products that are high-tech and smell delicious. I'm especially intrigued by their ceramic and graphene products. It seems like ceramic coating is the way to go these days. Has anyone tried these graphene ceramic coating products?

I thought I would simply be able to go onto Adam's Polishes site and buy a detailing kit, but it doesn't look to be that simple. There are so many products and accessories that I don't even know where to start. If I want to ceramic coat my Braptor I assume a good start would be a foam cannon, foam soap, nice drying towels, and maybe a ceramic spray coating? Does anyone use an air blower to initially dry their vehicle? Air drying would seem to help eliminate additional scratches that might occur during the towel-drying process before any protectant is applied.

Any advice on the basic items needed for the ultimate paint protection would be greatly appreciated!


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Feb 24, 2022
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I have purchased my products through Autogeek and there is ton of info on the site to assist in your decisions. I Love the ceramics but beware they are more difficult to remove if you decide to add PPF, decals, or paint. I've been using the Pinnacle Black Label Diamond Ceramic Coating PRO on PPF, paint, and trim. I'm not sure which brand is the best, Adams and Chemical Guys like Zaino in years past is smaller independents but I suspect will yield exceptional finishes.
I've also used the Turtle Wax ceramic spray found at Walmart, etc for a quicker application and over existing polish products. The Turtle Wax isn't the same quality, not as slick, and the results show however it's quick and a good value.

I never towel dry anymore, I've been using the Metro Master Blaster for years. Dries with warm filtered air and it helps preserve all your work applying your favorite polish, wax, or ceramic coatings. Also allows you to eliminate the after wash & dry water drips.

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