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Nov 10, 2022
Lindenhurst, NY
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For those who don't know us we're / KR Off-Road. We specialize in LED Lighting (especially Fords).

I'm Adam and i've been around the lighting scene since the late 90s actually.

KR Off-Road is our in-house brand where we focus on 100% american made products. We mainly focus on lighting brackets and of course have a bunch of options for the Bronco owner.

These kits were designed for the regular Bronco but they DO WORK on the Bronco Raptor (the only thing you lose out is that bottom plastic shroud that most folks actually don't like, since it has to get removed for our kits to work).

We offer two styles of fog brackets. Our OPEN STYLE bracket lets you mount larger lights since it's an open bracket design, meaning the lights hang freely in the opening. We build our kits with 2x 3" lights per side and 1x 2" light per side. You can select the lights and patterns. We offer these with Baja Designs or Diode Dynamics lights

Baja Designs

Diode Dynamics

Then we also offer this kit with a flush style bracket. This bracket allows for 1x 3" pod and 2x 2" pods per side. It has a fascia around the lights to give it a more finished look

Baja Designs w/Flush Bracket

Diode Dynamics w/Flush Bracket

Each kit includes our USA Made brackets (made right here on Long Island, NY at a union metal fabrication shop). We use stainless steel for our brackets AND power coat them black.
We also include our "plug and play" style harness. It's an all-in-one harness that puts each pair of lights on it's own upfitter switch. The only thing you have to do is crimp on the upfitter wire to our harness (our harness has pre-terminated heat shrinkable weatherproof wire connectors on the ends already).

For the Bronco owners, we also include (at no additional charge) our factory pigtails. So when you remove your 2 Rigid lights, you'll be left with 2 pigtails that can plug right into the back of your lights. This allows you to utilize the factory fog light switch your Raptor has. The 2nd pigtail is already wired up to Aux 1 for you. So all that is left is to plug in the 3rd pair to our included harness and to an upfitter. DONE. Pretty easy.

One thing to note, those factory torx bolts are TP40. They are NOT regular TORX. You want to use a TORX PLUS (TP) 40 bit (which we sell on our site here:

As a bonus, if you use coupon code FOGS you'll save 5% on your fog kit (our kits already include a nice discount as part of the bundle, but another 5% is great)

If you have questions, let me know. We sell lots of other lights on our site for the Broncos as well.

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