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Feb 18, 2023
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So to make a long story a bit shorter...

I love my Bronco... I have wheeled it a bunch... Its been in the dirt more then not! Its been to the dealer a few times. There was a rough idle and a weird noise when turning the steering wheel. After the third time they finally replaced the steering rack and told me the rough idle in my bronco is normal and acceptable.
OOOO yeah let me just add the dealer chipped the windshield... Thanks for that!
Fast forward through some more wheeling in the dirt...
I was driving along and the idle became worse; then limp mode with a bunch of lights on the dash!
It was time to head back to the dealer... On the tow truck we went.
At the dealer for a day only to be told that it was just a glitch in the programing all fixed...
Picked up the truck and about 3 min into me leaving the dealership; identical issue! So I turned around and left it at the dealership.
The following day I was told that they found the issue... Replaced a thermostat... I was thinking there is no way that could be the issue.. Im not the trained master tech so what do I know???
Lets just say I was correct! I got about a block away stopped at the gas station to fill up and what happens... Same issue!!!!
Now its back there been a week and they are telling me that there is a blockage in the coolant passages within the long block. That's causing all of my issues!
I just don't know how that can be possible. If it was why would I get anti lock brake codes and a ton of other codes that would have zero to do with the engine!
Honestly I don't feel that the dealership tech is even capable. He clearly can not figure this out.
I have worked on my vehicles a ton over the years.. I have built engines and cars and trucks... There is no way possible that my engine is in need of replacement. They are just throwing parts at it!
In my eyes they are destroying my Baby!
Has anyone had similar issues? Also do you feel the dealers are training the technicians correctly? They are about to destroy my vehicle by taking it apart and replacing the long bock! Im about to request a buy back. That's not what I want but I also don't want a car that's taken apart and put back together incorrectly. My other issue is all of my upgrades; none of which are engine related thank god1 They would have voided my warranty if i did the tune and downpipe!!! Also if they do a buyback to replace the Bronco is almost 20k more dure to them raising to price! I was a golden ticket purchase and waited 3 years!
Just venting and trying to see if anyone has gone through anything similar.
I feel the dealer is being really nice; they just don't have tech's that know how to repair cars... They only employ people who can swap parts not diagnose actual issues!!!

That's my bag of crap for the day!!!

This was the first weekend i got my truck... In the dirt completely stock!!! What a blast!!!


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Feb 24, 2022
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I think I would want a second opinion/diagnosis before the dealer did anymore work. Maybe speak to another near by dealer service manager or the Ford district area service representative (if there is such a position anymore). Maybe call Ford Performance for advice? Ask FP for a local recommended Ford Performance dealership with better knowledge and experience? I would have a lot of questions needing answered.

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