Bronco Raptor Killer? l Chasing Dust (APG ProRunner)


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Feb 24, 2022
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By our very first BROTM winner: @DesertChief

"The new Ford Bronco and Bronco Raptor come equipped with some of the latest and greatest off-road ready features from any OE manufacturer. But what if you wanted to take your wheeling game up a notch or two than the Raptor can handle? Traditionally, you’d look for piecemeal aftermarket components and dream up a Bronco that can take on any trail. But APG did you one better. They just released their all-new Bronco ProRunner conversion."

"While many aftermarket vehicle upfitters are releasing Bronco components and conversions, none are doing it at the scale of APG. Starting out in 2019 with their Ranger ProRunner, APG perfected the art of carbon fiber wide body systems paired with long travel suspension and stronger drivetrains. This approach bled through to the new Ford Bronco, and after three years of development, the Bronco ProRunner is born."

"Start your build out with a stock 4-door Ford Bronco. Add a proprietary set of carbon fiber fenders that sit 5 inches wider than stock, throw together a long travel front and rear suspension system complete with King race series IBP coilovers, sprinkle in a Dana 60 rear end and Advantek 44 front differential, beef up the steering, and roll down the street on a set of 40-inch Nitto Trail Grapplers to finish the build."

"These are the basics of the Bronco ProRunner by APG. A purpose-built vehicle conversion package meant to tackle the desert and the rocks with poise and ease. Wide, low, big tires, and gobs of suspension travel. It’s any off-roader’s dream Bronco, and it’s here to conquer. APG prides themselves on their in-house design, engineering, and manufacturing, which lends confidence to potential customers looking for “made in the USA” quality Bronco parts."

"Matt got a first look at this new build, and in this video, he goes over some of the top-level features of the Bronco ProRunner, as well as some technical details as to why it’s even better than his own Bronco Raptor."

0:00 | Intro
2:06 | 40 inch Nitto Trail Grapplers on a Bronco
2:48 | Bronco Long Travel Suspension
4:43 | Carbon Fiber Bronco Fenders
6:20 | ProRunner Dana 60 and Dana 44
7:12 | Best Steering Upgrade for the Bronco
8:04 | APG ProRunner Bronco Price
8:45 | Outro


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