Bronco Raptor Radar Detector Mount and Mirror Tap


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Sep 16, 2021
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I recently upgraded my Valentine V1 to the Gen 2 model and mounted it in my 2021 Bronco Badlands using the standard Valentine V1 radar detector suction cup mount and a mirror tap kit I got off Amazon. Here's a link to the kit I used:

I chose that kit because it offered three different-sized pins and I wasn't sure which size was be best for the Bronco (it ended up being the skinniest pins in the kit). Plus, I like having extras and I can probably put one of the unused mirror taps in one of my other cars and easily move my detector from one vehicle to another.

As previously stated, I used the smallest of the pin taps for the Bronco mirror plug. I plugged the red pin into the white wire and the black pin into the black and blue wire on the back of the mirror. It was easier to push the pins in with the plug unplugged from the mirror. I routed the extra wire tap wire to the passenger side of the mirror stalk and carefully used a screwdriver to loop the top of the wire tap around the plastic windshield trim. I then secured all the wires together with the supplied zip tie. I plugged everything back in and it works like a champ! I'm hoping this will be the exact same process for adding a radar detector to the Bronco Raptor when it gets released.




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