Bronco Raptor Ships...


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Feb 18, 2023
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Well I know all of us here are a bit frustrated with Ford... I feel as if things are finally moving forward with the Bronco Raptors.

My original reservation in July 2021 which turned to another order in February 2022 once more in November 2022 Has been not only built but actually shipped!

On the way from the plant in Michigan to Los Angeles currently in Iowa.

Its been a long wait and I'm sure once it arrives Ill slowly forget about the lengthy wait!

My dealer is Airport Marina Ford; I have to give them a shout out as they are and have been following up with me on the regular!

They actually care and seem to be genuinely excited for the many of us who want to get their trucks in the dirt! Also at ZERO markup!

I know there are a lot more of us waiting;; so just know that we all understand the wait is a miserable one!

I want to thank the group on here who have shared so many ideas and the upgrades available. Its made it a lot easier to get started with the fun upgrades I have planned!

Hopefully I can share the photos and upgrades for everyone on here shortly!

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