Bronco raptor vs Honda Civic type r


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Dec 9, 2022
Cody, WY
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Apples and oranges here, but I thought I'd ask.

Our bronco raptor is scheduled to be built this spring. Original plan was to drive it for 6 months and decide between it and our Honda Civic type r as our fun vehicle.

Background: my wife and I have pickups (live at the end of a dirt road) and need both to be good on ice. My Duramax pulls our heavy trailers and my wife's 2022 Toyota Tundra TRD Pro is a pretty killer daily driver. We have a Honda Civic type r for fun. We camp and I have a can am Maverick X3 for off roading. Thus the bronco would be a kick butt convertible for fun. It makes no sense to have two fun vehicles so with used car prices softening I'm debating not getting the braptor because I'd probably need to sell it for almost $100k to break even with sales tax licensing, etc.

I know the Type-R has some special attributes but, to many on the road it’s another small car. The Bronco Raptor however is an attention getter for anyone on the road with its outrageous width, size, styling, and signature lighting. Some may love it, some will hate it, and all car lovers will agree it’s one of the coolest vehicles to hit the market in years. Those that have taken delivery of their Bronco Raptor will likely agree it’s equally Fun on-road as off-road and currently there isn’t any equally capable competitors. Not the same with the Type-R.
Not even a comparison in my opinion. Bronco Raptor is basically what would happen if your Civic type R and Can-Am had a street legal trophy truck baby. Best of both worlds. You could just ditch both since what you will have is both of them combined anyway. Ha.