Bronco Raptor Worth the Price?

Antimatter Blue

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Feb 13, 2022
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Not according to TrailBuilt Off-Road.

They would rather buy a “Bronco Sport” (presumably they meant Bronco Base) for about $30k and add $15k-$20k of upgrades instead, for “about the same level of performance as the Bronco Raptor” with the benefit of “knowing you built it.”

I thought this was asinine clickbait but the comments show that there are people who actually think they can build a Bronco Base comparable to a Bronco Raptor with $15k-$20k of aftermarket parts.

Skip to 4:45 in the video.

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I have lots of Bronco build ideas, but at the end of the day, a built Bronco should probably just be considered an off-road toy. Every build I've done ended up being extreme, way over budget, not family-friendly, or not very reliable. Sure, it's fun to do it your own way and have a project, but considering all the time and money it takes to complete, I think you're better off just buying a new Bronco Raptor and drive it like you stole it! It really just depends on what you want out of your Bronco experience.
Doubtful anyone actually interested in a Bronco Raptor is thinking of building one instead. When you finish you won't have a Raptor or a warrantee.
A Bronco Raptor will hold its value better and is usually much easier to sell or trade than a highly modified base Bronco. I've had to learn that the hard way several times haha!