Dana/Spicer Bronco/BRaptor Drivetrain Upgrades


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Apr 19, 2022
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It was a slow day on the ship today so I had some time to look for some possible upgrades. I found an Dana/Spicer press release outlining several upgrades to the Bronco platform and some should also apply to the BRaptor.


I dug a bit further and found several tasty bits here:


"For a direct-fit solution that’s built for superior strength, Dana now offers the Ultimate Dana 60™ Semi-Float Axle for the Ford Bronco. You can get all the benefits of the celebrated Ultimate Dana 60™ axle—like Spicer® chromoly steel axle shafts, Spicer ring and pinion gearing, a nodular iron diff cover, heavy-duty brackets, and more—while enjoying optimum weight capability." Hopefully they will offer this in a wider version for the BRaptor.

"If you own a 2021 or newer standard Bronco, you’re already the proud owner of a Dana 35™ AdvanTEK® or a Dana 44™ AdvanTEK® Front-Drive Unit axle—new Broncos roll off the line with these axles, which are built to handle the Bronco’s high-torque engine. And when you’re ready for the ultimate upgrade for extreme off-roading, Dana delivers the Ultimate Dana 44™ AdvanTEK® Front-Drive Unit axle." I believe we already have the Adventek Dana 44 Front-Drive axle.

"Spicer Extreme™ half shafts deliver a significant increase in strength and performance for Ford Bronco with material upgrades and design improvements. The high-quality coating provides superior corrosion protection and a clean look, and precision engineering makes installation a breeze.
  • Upgraded materials
  • Enhanced design
  • High-quality coating protects from rust and corrosion
  • Factory-grade fit for flawless installation"
I think we may already have Spicer half shafts, so the Spicer Extreme half shafts would be welcome upgrade.

"Engineered for hard-core off-roading, Spicer® driveshafts are built from high-quality steel to deliver the ruggedness and durability you demand from your Ford Bronco. Find out how Spicer innovations can inspire Bronco owners to push the boundaries for years to come.

1350 Series Spicer Driveshafts Features and Benefits
Engineered with a smaller diameter for improved clearance to the exhaust
  • Include a direct-fit bolt-in flange
  • Provide ease of installation and a better off-road experience
  • Optimized for 0"- 6" lifts
  • Deliver strength that can exceed even original equipment
  • Maintenance-free SPL® 1350 Series double cardan
  • High performance SPL 1350 series u-joint
  • Non-greaseable lubed-for-life double cardan centering package
  • Improved lube retention and resistance to contaminants
  • No loss of operating angle potential
  • High-strength, thicker tubing
    • Smaller diameter 2×0.120 DOM front shafts allow for improved clearance
    • 3×0.083 DOM rear shafts ensure no critical speed issues
    • Front shafts feature strong 1.375" spline with a re-lube zerk in the seal
    • Rear shafts feature 1.5" spline with a re-lube zerk in the slip yoke
    • Lubed-for-life high performance SPL 1350 series u-joint at end of each slip yoke"
This looks like a great upgrade.

This is all pretty exciting especially for those who want to upgrade for larger tires and/or spirited off roading. The BRaptor in stock form is wildly capable as it is.

There are already several companies manufacturing stronger tie rods with some utilizing heim joints. I read today that Fabtech is currently developing a heavy duty steering rack as well.
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Oct 9, 2023
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Bump for updates on this
Be great if spicer would make a 60 kit a little wider for us
Along with new CV shafts to fit the new diff

I’m sure the people going on 40’s that actually use the truck for serious off road, and not mall crawling would be interested 👍

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