Don’t go on a trail till you watch this!!! Rig Check ( Big Bear ) - By Trail Militia


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Feb 24, 2022
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1 hour off road check list inspection led by KC (@RoBear)

"On today’s episode we wanted to try something new and film a series of Rig Checks. This idea was something we thought could help the community be a little more prepared when going out on a run. We turned this get together into something fun and gave back to off-roaders as they went by heading to GM. Let us know what you think and comment below any items you think we should add."

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I've wheeled this trail a few times, and it gets more difficult each time due to the traffic. All of the jeeps I went with last time were well north of $120K, and they were all very impressed that my stock BRaptor had no issues crawling with them.

These guys are an incredible bunch. I'm planning on playing with them soon.