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Sep 27, 2022
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Hello All!

I own a 2023 Bronco Raptor for about 3 weeks now. Yesterday when I tried to fuel the nozzle would not insert all the way. I thought it might be a fuel pump issue so I tried two other locations but had the same results. I tried turning the car off and on again, and pressed unlock multiple times but still no results. I even tried the emergency funnel that is provided by Ford but it still would not insert all the way. The metal piece inside the Easy Fuel just stayed locked and would not move. Even had Ford service come out but they were not able to resolve the issue as well. Had to drop the Bronco off at a near by dealer and now Service department is looking at the issue. Wondering if anyone else had the same issue? See below video for reference.
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Yikes, guessing you still had enough gas remaining to get to the dealer, however that could easily not always be the case. Please keep us posted on what Ford service discovers and if there was any unknown work around.
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So the dealer called me back next day and they informed they could not replicate the problem :rolleyes: ofcource that would happen. So I went to pick up the truck and go to fuel it right after and I encountered the SAME issue again :mad:. But this time after trying for a minute I was able to gas it back up and drive to my house. Now I am gonna take it to my local dealer and hopefully they can replace the part for me.
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