Ford Bronco Everglades caught in new spy photos testing mystery tech


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Sep 16, 2021
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This overland-spec prototype might be testing an adaptive suspension upgrade

The Ford Bronco Everglades, which first broke cover earlier this year as a mystery overland-style prototype, has been spotted carrying unusual cargo on its nifty factory roof rack. Either Ford's new off-roader is planning to go as a Borg drone for Halloween, or its engineers are up to something.

Let's start with what it probably isn't. Ford has already confirmed that its partnership with Warn resulted in a winch mount designed to work with the Bronco's on-board safety systems, so it's likely that tech has already long been put to bed. This rat's nest also seems an unlikely candidate for any sort of electrification or hybridization, though we have every reason to suspect both are in the Bronco's future.

What seems more likely is that we're seeing a rudimentary mockup of the electrical architecture behind Ford's new Continuously Corrective Damping (CCD) adaptive suspension system, which relies on signals from high-resolution sensors mounted at each corner to continuously adjust the valving in the dampers to optimize ride and handling. There's even precedent for this being grafted onto an existing platform: Look no further than the 2021 Ford F-150.

Whatever Ford may be working on, we're always encouraged to see new development going on with the Bronco platform. We may never find out exactly what's happening here, but the mystery is half the fun.