Ford Bronco Everglades Tease!


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Sep 16, 2021
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Earlier this fall, Ford confirmed the rumored Bronco Everglades would be joining the off-road SUV family.

The announcement sent to dealers went further, highlighting the special edition’s limited availability, starting summer of 2022. It promised that details on pricing and vehicle specs for both the Bronco Raptor and the Everglades would come in the first quarter of 2022.

Since that communication went out, we’ve seen the first up-close look of the Bronco Raptor and watched it kick up some dirt. Now, with 2021 ending, it’s about time for a glimpse of the Bronco Everglades –– and Bronco Nation has the exclusive images.

While we wait for the Q1 2022 vehicle specs to be shared, let’s cover the obvious features, starting with that promised factory-installed snorkel, located on the passenger’s side of the vehicle.

The air induction path of the 2021 Broncos has the flow starting at the upper driver’s side corner of the grille and ending at the induction box on the passenger side. If mud and water were to make it that far, a trapdoor will release it out the bottom. With a snorkel, the Everglades Bronco is even better protected against pulling in water while fording. Currently, the available Bronco trims have a water fording capability of 33.5″ when equipped with the Sasquatch package. Trims without Sasquatch can take on 31.5″. We’ll have to see how much the snorkel adds to wading depth.

The Warn winch on the Heavy-Duty Modular front bumper is what you’d get with the Ford Perfomance by WARN Bronco Winch Kit, now coming standard. Winches are a solid tool for assisting another vehicle –– and self-recovery if you have anchor points.

For maximum traction in boggy terrain, Ford has equipped the Bronco Everglades with 35” LT315/70R17 Goodyear Territory MT tires, and wheels unique to this series. Roof rails grace the MIC hard top, and like many of the Broncos in the standard series, the mirror caps, door handles, and fender flares are MIC as well. Check out the updated flares on this trim. What do you think?

Last, the pre-production model Bronco Nation photographed has the coveted slide-out tailgate, a factory-installed option later available in the dealer channel. Watch our recent livestream to see Bronco Brand Manager Esteban Plaza-Jennings show the tailgate in action.






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