Ford Bronco Raptor In The Wild | Backroads to Mountain West - By Open Road 4Two (Shelby Hall)


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Feb 24, 2022
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"Here is a peek at the Bronco Raptor in action on our backroads to mountainwest adventure. As an added bonus, we get to chat with Shelby Hall, Team Bronco Ambassador and racer.
On 37 BF Goodrich tires, this rig is as capable on the mountain trails as it is in the desert where its roots are planted. We don't know what was more impressive, the Raptor itself, or watching Shelby as she wheeled it through the mountain obstacles. One thing is for certain they compliment each other nicely."

Below is the complete 3 part series as referenced in the above video with appearances by the Hot Pepper Red Bronco Raptor driven by Shelby Hall. 10 Overland vehicles started but only 5 completed all 8 moutain passes, and as expected, Shelby's Bronco Raptor was one of the 5 at the finish.

Overlanding Colorado | Backroads Expedition to Overland Expo Mtn. West - Part 1.

Overlanding Colorado | Backroads to Overland Expo Mtn. West - Part 2.

Overlanding Colorado | Backroads to Mountain West Conquered | - Part 3.


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