Ford Bronco Raptor Offroadeo LAS VEGAS - By Chase Gentry


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Feb 24, 2022
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2022 Bronco Raptor
18 minute overview video in Chase Gentry fashion.

"Sit back and buckle up because this is a fun one! Ford invited back to another Bronco Offroadeo except this one was special!"

"If you purchase a Bronco Raptor a 1-day driving experience in Las Vegas comes with it! This experience is packed with a skill-building training course, thrilling trail drives, purpose-built obstacles, challenges, and more! You don’t even need to be experienced offroader either! The entire experience is led by a world-class coaching team designed for novices and experts alike! Don’t jump, or get your Raptor dirty, a Bronco Raptor is provided to drive during the entire event! Come hungry because a Lunch, dinner, and campfire entertainment are included as well! YUM! Experience an exclusive basecamp, designed just for Bronco Raptor, snag you some sick Bronco merch, and have an unforgettable experience here in Vegas!"


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