Ford Bronco Raptor Q&A + Meet the New MPH Host! (Live) - By MilesPerHr


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Feb 24, 2022
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Edit : 11:20pm, This was a "Live" cast, therefore I was unable to view prior to this posting. After now viewing, I can Not recommentd this video based on the hosts very limited knowledge resulting in incorrect statements made throughout concerning Bronco Raptor, as @Apache 8 states below, it actually felt painful.
Removing link from our video library as I struggled to find any value add.

"Miles answers your questions (live) about the Ford Bronco Raptor."
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"Miles answers your questions (live) about the Ford Bronco Raptor."

This video illustrates the variance in technical quality and professionalism of the folks producing such presentations. Unfortunately I have seen too many top quality Bronco Raptor videos to be able to tolerate this amateurish production.The first several minutes are painful to watch and listen to as the microphone barely captures the man's voice as he narrates and then the camera woman's voice over is startlingly and annoyingly loud. This carries on until they finally figure out the problem , at which point I just turned it off. Great object lesson in how not to create a product video.