Ford Bronco Raptor takes on the Mojave Road l Chasing Dust - By Driving Line (aka DesertChief)


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Feb 24, 2022
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By our very first BROTM winner: @DesertChief

"The Mojave Road is one of the longest continuous off-road trails in the American West. With over 130 miles of desert wilderness from the Colorado River to the Mojave River, this trail makes for an epic adventure no matter what your experience level may be in wheeling. If you’re thinking of doing the Mojave Road in your rig, watch this episode of Chasing Dust to get a better idea of what to bring with you, what there is to see, and what to expect along the journey."

"Matt starts us out along the banks of the Colorado River in Laughlin, where gives us an overview of his Bronco and Sean’s Tacoma before reviewing the tools and gear they take with them on this trip. Along the way, Matt gives pointers on vehicle recommendations, tire recommendations, and things to look out for when traveling overland through the desert."

"After a night of camping in the winter cold, the boys are back in the trucks and headed for Afton Canyon with nearly 100 miles of trail ahead of them. Day two brings unexpected surprises, such as a Ford Fiesta that took a wrong turn and was stuck, the Mojave Lava Tubes, the Mojave Mailbox, active railroad tracks, and an epic water crossing before finishing the trail."

"If you’re interested in doing this trail, be sure to check out Matt’s personal trail map, linked below."
Mohave Trail - Google Maps

0:00 | Intro
1:18 | Gear Check
6:04 | Vehicle Requirements for the Mojave Road
8:07 | Getting to Camp
9:08 | Camping in the Joshua Tree Forest
10:23 | Day Two Begins
11:00 | Whoop Section near Cima Road
11:31 | Ford Fiestuck
11:55 | Exploring the Mojave Lava Tubes
13:03 | Rasor Road Wash
13:47 | Afton Canyon Train Bridge
15:42 | Afton Canyon Water Crossing
16:57 | Second Water Crossing
17:51 | Wrap-Up

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