Ford Email confirms Bronco Raptor for Summer 2022


In a recent Ford Email sent to Bronco customers discussing the 2022 model year ordering process Ford mentions a new detail about the Bronco Raptor.

"New Special Edition and limited-production offerings, like the Bronco Raptor SUV (Available in summer of 2022)​

Now, take this for what it is. Ford's version of "available" and reality haven't been on the same page the last couple of years. However, Ford now seems to be catching up with production and appears to be on top of the supply chain issues.

I'm still thinking we have an official Q1 announcement, order banks up in up Q2, shipments begin late summer or first part of Q3. 🤞



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Dec 5, 2021
I am a FE reservation that got cancelled by ford, and my dealship has me in for a Braptor….. ish. My reservation is held as a wildtrak until banks open up per our ford rep. I also have written communication about this and that the order banks are suppose to open In January. Between confirming with other dealers about the FE cancellations to Braptors and other FE cancelees, this appears “legit” and is just some info I have to offer for now IRT this topic.

To note, Ford actually canceled 5/10 FEs at my dealership alone. Also, before anyone puts down the memo that was released as to reasons why items where cancelled, I didn’t have a MOD, swapped early to MIC, I wasn’t coded 99, or other items. They were just cancelled.

But on good news, I was able to get my FE with only 37mi via private party, with ADM of course, and an 1800mi drive.


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Sep 16, 2021
I hope they honor the deal and get you one of the first Bronco Raptors! At least you stuck with it and landed an FE in the meantime.


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Sep 16, 2021
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Congrats on the FE! Hopefully Ford will convert all the canceled FE Broncos into Bronco Raptors and at the end of the day all the reservation holders will be happy. I think it's right way to treat customers that have been waiting 1 1/2 years for a vehicle.

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