Ford to prevent customers from reselling F150 Lightnings?


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Sep 16, 2021
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I just read a post on the Ford F150 Lightning Forum about Ford trying to prevent customers from reselling the F150 Lightning with a "No Sale Provision". I wonder if we'll see similar action with the Bronco Raptor.

"Ford is cracking down on anyone with mercenary intentions when it comes to buying an F-150 Lightning next year. In an effort to stop customers from quickly flipping their electric pickup truck for a hefty profit, Ford delivered a notice to dealerships issuing a new clause for soon-to-be owners. The note was posted on the F-150 Gen 14 forum on Friday. Should a dealer opt in, customers will be required to sign a "No-Sale" provision, banning them from reselling the truck within one year of ownership. The key here is, it's not required, Ford told Roadshow."

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