Gas prices deterring anyone??


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Mar 8, 2022
Jacksonville, FL
I'm just wondering if the rediculous price for gas is deterring anyone from buying? Or will it cause you to drive it less? Or think more about going off road and "wasting" gas??

I don't think it will change my behavior except maybe to do some planning.
No way will it change my mind on the purchase, may try to combine short local trips just to save mileage. For me, none of my other vehicles gets much better mileage that the estimates for the Raptor.
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I recently sold my supercharged F150 just because the money I was offered for it was about 17k more than the dealership was offering for it on a trade in. I have a Mini Cooper that I was planning to trade towards the raptor but now I’ll just keep it for my work vehicle and save gas money and mileage on the raptor.
Central Oregon prices...$5.69 reg. $6.65 for diesel. Doesn't change our driving, although I hardly get off the farm until it's time to play.

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