GCC Spec (Bronco Raptor)


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Apr 21, 2022
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Does anyone know if the Desert Running already enabled Bronco Raptor comply with GCC specs right out of the factory? US Version.. I'm assuming YES

What is GCC spec car

A GCC spec car is a type of car that has been produced specifically for the GCC region (i.e. Gulf Cooperation Council Region). They put emphasis on going the extra mile to make the body and engine more robust and efficient than a regular car sold elsewhere.

. Air conditioning

Summers in the UAE can get as hot as 43 °C on average. In such extreme heat, the AC unit of an imported car from tropical or snowy regions will not be good enough to maintain a comfortable interior temperature for long without overheating. The air conditioning in GCC spec cars is more advanced with an efficient climate control feature.

2. Filtration system

Lying directly within the Arabian desert makes Dubai a significantly dusty city throughout the year. During summer, a sudden sandstorm only adds to it. A regular filtration system will fail in these conditions. So GCC spec cars have modified filtration systems to take on the challenging pollutants from getting in the sitting space as well as the mechanical parts of the car.

3. Corrosion protection

The Arabian Gulf next to the long border of UAE makes the humidity level significantly high in the area. The salt in the air gives it high corrosive properties making the regular car bodies vulnerable to rusting. A GCC spec car comes with an extra layer of corrosion protection to withstand this unusual condition for years whereas a regular imported car would give in within months.

4. Radiators

Cars come with radiators to keep the engine from overheating especially on long drives. The hot weather of UAE adds to this heating of the engine which can cause the cars to break down in the middle of a journey. To prevent this, GCC spec car radiators are designed to keep the engine cool much better than an imported car from a non-gulf region

5. Servicing

In UAE, most of the car servicing workshops and dealers have tools and experience in handling GCC spec cars. However, finding one service center that specializes in imported cars can be difficult and costly as well. So just for regular maintenance or an unfortunate event, being in a GCC spec car can save you lots of hassle and time.

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