Have you been "Bucked" Lately?


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Feb 24, 2022
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Couple weeks ago we took the wife's Badlands on a weekend get away to Lake Michigan coastline. As we were walking towards her Bronco parked along the street, she noticed something on her windshield, much to our surprise, a very nice gesture/compliment.



A little history, she got her Badlands in May and asked that I modify it to our liking, similar to my Bronco Raptor. I spent a couple months on it, full PPF, frame mounted rock slider steps, upgraded badges, front mud flaps, ceramic coating outside including undercarriage, and wheel spacers to give it a proper stance. Meanwhile she was driving my Jeep... collecting and handing out "ducks". I've had her Bronco done since August and she is still driving my Jeep, she seems hooked on the complements, Borla exhaust, and duck collecting. I have told her that off road enthusiasts will notice her Bronco and she should receive complements, if and when she drives it. So I was really happy to see her Bronco was "Bucked" as it brought her a big smile. We think this is a really cool gesture to fellow enthusiasts and looking forward to handing out many more ducks & ponies while hopefully helping to make someone's day a little better.

I haven't left my Raptor outside long enough for anyone to even notice, however maybe some of you have received a "Bucked" compliment? I hope so, please share a photo and memory by posting below.

Here is a couple Amazon examples, and I'm sure there are many more choices:
Amazon product ASIN B0BB2RT29CAmazon product ASIN B0BLJ1XBMK
oh, and for those that remember the 80's, I titled this thread on Ford's old slogan: "Have you driven a Ford Lately?"
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We got “Bucked” at Bronco Safari this year in Moab. Turned out it was from a family from Tennessee who had a Badlands and they were part of a trail run we were on to Schaefer Switchbacks. While on a break, we took in the beautiful scenery and when we returned to the Raptor, we noticed the little horse and card on the windshield wiper. We got a kick out of it and pretty soon they admitted they were the culprits that “Bucked” us. It was pretty neat. They were very nice folks and they drove their Bronco, a family car, up Hell’s Revenge later that day.
We've been bucked a quite a few times in Michigan at Bronco events. It certainly is a thing for some people handing out toy Broncos, key chains, cards and velcro patches. One lady bucked us twice at different times with the small toy Bronco. My first one was green as my Bronco was then and now she gave me a black one for my Raptor. Also some in our group one time where ducked by Jeep owners.