How To Remove The Beauty Ring On The Bronco Sasquatch 17-inch Beadlock Capable Wheels


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Sep 16, 2021
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Unfortunately, with less than 500 miles on my Bronco, I picked up a nail in one of my Bronco tires. I took it down to my local tire shop and they were hesitant to remove the tire from the wheel because they didn't want to mar my new wheels or strip any bolts. I told them to hold off doing anything and to just plug the tire until I did some more research. I knew these 17-inch Sasquatch wheels were "bead-lock capable", but I didn't know what that meant exactly until I removed the ring on the wheels. The Torx size for the bolts around the beauty ring is a T45. I used a 3/8s ratchet and carefully broke each bolt loose by hand. I'm glad I did this and not some guy in the back of a tire shop for the first time because I could see how easy it would be to use the wrong size Torx and jack up all the bolts. Once I got them all reasonably free I used an impact wrench to finish off the job of removing all the fasteners. Once the beauty ring was removed I was able to see all the threaded holes needed for a true bead-lock ring. Now that I have the beauty ring off I feel comfortable taking it back to the tire shop so they can finish up patching the tire.

For those interested in upgrading their stock Sasquatch wheels to functional bead-lock rings here is a link to the OEM Bronco and Raptor bead-lock rings:


  • Fits:
    • 2021 Bronco with Factory bead-lock capable wheels
    • 2021 F-150 Raptor with factory bead-lock wheel option(64D) with 35" Tire
    • 2017-2018 F-150 Raptor with factory bead-lock wheel option (64D)
  • Includes forged aluminum bead-lock ring, 24 fasteners, and mounting instructions
  • Bead-lock configuration is for off-road use only

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