Is the Explorer ST Engine What We Have To Look Forward To In The Bronco Raptor?


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Sep 16, 2021
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This 3.0L twin-turbo packs a serious punch and it looks like it also loves to be tuned. This could be a great engine option for the new Bronco Raptor!
From what I've been reading the 3.0l twin turbo is a very capable motor. Efficient enough for good fuel economy and power when you want it. We'll see how well it handles the big ol' Bronco tires!
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I've got about 100 miles on my 2.7L Bronco and I'm happy to report that I really like this engine! It's by no means underpowered and it feels pretty quick. My Bronco also has the Sasquatch package and it's spinning the 35-inch tires like they are 32s. Now that I've had some time with this engine I wouldn't be surprised if we don't see a big power bump for this first couple of years.
Posted another video of a "tuned only 2020 Explore ST 3.0L" on this forum here. Impressive!
It was posted in another thread, I think on tires, how fast do you want to go in a too heavy brick shaped vehicle before it is totally unsafe? Torque off the line, merging into traffic yes but going over 100 nfw