Looks like a snorkle


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Apr 19, 2022
Northern MI
Lol, I thought it was fold up mirrors but I see it's a snorkle. Does anyone have one of these?

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The everglades will. with all of the active engine air management in the raptor, not sure how you could leverage something like this, unless it was selectable - swamp vs desert
I looked at the Everglades and I don't think it will be possible for the Raptor to have this kind of snorkel. The Everglades does not have an air intake in the front grill area, it requires a relocation of the windshield washer fluid reservoir and the way is goes through the side of the fender would require some mods. I am sure someone will try though.
I just wish they offered that sand color that the Everglades has as an option on the raptor. Would have definitely gone that route if it was an option.