MI Braptor


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Jul 21, 2022
Marquette, MI
Current Ride
2022 Bronco Raptor
Hi All,

Just getting around to the intro. I'm up in the UP of MI so if anyone is going to Snoball that's my neck of the woods. Ordered out a code orange, lux, mgv (really wanted the vinyl floors), carbon fibre and seatbelts. It was built 6/24 so like everyone else I'm eagerly awaiting shipment.

I've had 4 F150 raptors so if anyone here was on FRF my username there was Ms. MIRaptor (or something like that...it's been a while).

Nice to meet you all!
A big welcome from New Mexico! It sounds like you have had plenty of Raptor experience so I'm anxious to hear your thoughts when you get some seat time in your Bronco Raptor.
Welcome to BroncoRaptor.com, nice to see another member from Michigan, I think you may be the first from upper Michigan. Once we all have our BR's we'll need to meet up at Silver Lake Sand Dunes.