Mod Bumper End Cap Removal Process


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May 25, 2022
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i decided to pull off my end caps yesterday. The motivation was a combination of prep for my winch install and camera relocation (getting to the parking sensor wiring harness was a challenge on last install), positively wanting to get rid of the little air dams and probably leaving off the caps permanently (the factory lights are not worth holding on to, IMO).

Overall removal was pretty straightforward, but not a quick easy job that it’s portrayed to be. The removal is complicated by the width of the Raptor fenders limiting access to the top inside bolt on the end cap on my passenger side one buried hidden bolt on each cap.

to remove the end caps you need to start by removing the silver plastic CENTER cover. It’s 1`7 clips (the round center pin removable expansion clips), but easy to remove with a panel pry tool. Then a firm but controlled pull on outside edge of this panel to release two hidden clips on each side.

then remove the Torx Plus Bronco bolts on the end caps. remove 3 underneath, three iwhere the end cap met the removed plastic cover and 1 on top outside. Then loosen the remixing top inside (possible access impaired by fender over hang). i worked around the passenger side impaired bolt with some protective card board and a small vise grips pliers. The bolts are fortunately not heavily torqued. I was unable to even remove the bolt due to fender overhang.

When I remove the bumper I’ll replace this bolt on each side with a black M8-1.25 hex head. This bolt only needs to be loosened to get the end cap off, so the hex head should work perfectly in future.

Next, disconnect the bumper light wiring harness plug above lights behind the bumper on each side. This is pretty easy to get to and makes the final step easier by doing this first.

since I did this in my driveway, turn the steering wheel full lock to one side. Slide in between the tire and bumper on the open side. your back against the control arm. It’s surprisingly roomy in there! Using a flashlight and a T30? Torx plus bit on a 6” ratchet extension, locate and loosen (do not remove) the bolt in the center of the end cap. It’s back behind the harness you just uncliooed. Repeat process for the other side.

the end caps should pull out easily now In one assembly of bumper end cap, both lights and the mini air dam.

re-‘Tighten the end cap bolt on each side of the bumper if you left them in, cover and tape up your harness plug, retighten the two hidden bolts behind the bumper. Pop the center cover hidden clips back on and replace the 17 pop up clips. You’re done!

hopefully this will be helpful for someone



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