New(er) 38x13.50r17 in the Market w/ D load range

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Apr 8, 2023
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Hi Y’all, anyone familiar with the new Falken “RT” that was released a few months ago?

It’s Falken hybrid that appears to have been been designed to compete with the Nitto Ridge Grappler and Toyo RT Trail.

The reason it’s great for the Braptor is that they offer a 38x13.50r17 in a D load range, which is a rare tire size and load range offering for a larger tire. Currently the Nitto Trail Grappler comes in this size as an MT tire weighing in at 90+ lbs and louder on the highway with a more aggressive tread. The Falken RT are 87 lbs and about $150 less per tire.

I’m about to pull the trigger on a set and just wanted to see if anyone had any opinions about the tire or know first hand if they are any good? I know their At3 and MT have rave reviews, so figured it might be a good choice for the Braptor on stock suspension or with a 1” leveling kit like I am planning.

I added some pics, as this is a good looking tire and has the specs that appear to be perfect for what I am looking for. Thanks
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Unfortunately I don't have any experience with Falken tires, but I agree these new R/T's look good! :cool:
I have heard good things about Falken Tires. These new R/Ts might be a great solution for those who want a little bit bigger tire with a good load range.