Replaced bumper and removed factory fog lights


Feb 14, 2023
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So I replaced the front bumper with a Bodyguard Baja bumper with winch (awesome by the way) and I had to obviously take the original bumper with the factory fog lights out. They were connected with a plug that tied into the parking sensor harness, so with the new harness with sensors in place and new Rigid lights in the new bumper, the two plugs, one for each end are now not connected to any lights and just lay in the new bumper. I was going to run the new light wires to one of the uplifter switches. My question is does anyone know of someone making an adapter plug to be able to use the factory fog light plugs and connect after market lights to, so I can still use my factory fog light switch and save having to use an uplifter switch.
Not sure on the plug, but I agree with using the existing wiring provided your new lights don't exceed the 10 amp rating on the upfitter switch 1. Seems there must be some plugs somewhere...
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I have both the front and back for sale. The front has all brackets and parts including the Raptor factory rigid lights but it needs to be reassembled as I had to take the thing apart to get the wiring harness out. Also includes the tow hooks. I also have the back bumper for sale as well which includes the tow hooks.
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I can take some pics tomorrow. As I said the front bumper is disassembled but if you are installing a factory harness it would have to come apart anyway to install. As far as shipping, you would have to call a trucking company to arrange pick it up as I have no way to put on a pallet or anything to ship. I’m in Woodstock, GA. Are you interested in just the front or both? I’d give you a better deal for both. The front with the lights and tow hooks I was looking for $650 and $350 for the back. I would do both for $800. That’s a heck of a lot cheaper than buying that at the dealer. Both are literally brand new as I took them off my new vehicle at 300 miles.

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