Rigid Rock lights - wheel wells


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Feb 24, 2022
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2022 Bronco Raptor
Curious if anyone has used these off-road? I thought I seen these as a Ford Bronco accessory at one time. I was considering amber on our Raptors to be consistent with the other amber running lights and amber is a DOT approved side running light on the highway although I think these are intended for offroad use. May be cool just to light up our amazing Raptor suspension components in the garage. Placement would be critical not to interfere with components or tires and I'm envisioning them as indirect lighting so they would need to be focused downward.

Rigid Rock lights
Yes, they were an option when I ordered my Badlands (Rigid lights in either white or amber). I have not seen any additional lighting options for the Raptor. I can tell you that I ran Rigid lights exclusively on my F150 Raptor and had no problems -- quality product. I was glad to see Rigid lights as OEM on the Bronco Raptor!

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