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Aug 16, 2022
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I installed the LUX Lighting LED rock light kit last week. It was super slick. Since the lights are magnetic you just have to place them on the frame and they are on and on tight. They are removable but I've ran it through a couple of underbody car washes since then and they aren't budging.

You simply run the wires up the frame into the engine bay. I did wrap them all in wire loom for extra protection. Then I used the Pro Installer Aux Switch box that they have available to land them all to. Just drilled some holes in the top of the fuse box in the engine bay and mounted it there. Connected it to one of the factory Aux switch wires.

I bought the system right after the holidays when they had a discount code so I think I paid like 20% less than list. So you may want to keep your eyes open for a sale. Roughly $400 for 8 superbright LEDs and the install box was a great deal and NO drilling required.

Mine is all frame attached so there isn't much light in the wheel wells but then I figured I'm not interested in looking at the top of my suspension... I want to see the rocks underneath it. So mounting it the frame was just fine by me. The installer box has the capacity for 12 lights so if I decide later that I want to light up the wheel wells themselves I can just add some extra LEDs. Finding a place to attach them magnetically might be a trick though.

Some pics of the truck in the dark with the lights on attached. If anyone wants some more detailed pics etc I can get some this weekend when I'm home.


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Feb 15, 2022
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I did the exact same set-up and love them. Haven't done much night time rock crawling, but it sure looks cool at night rolling down the road. I originally did an 8 pc and then a few months later had to add the other 4. It just needed that little extra lumen punch. I am a lighting geek though. I sell commercial lighting for a living so I wasn't about to start slacking on the lights for the Braptor. I really like how they are not stuck in one spot too. If I needed to I could just grab one from underneath and put it where I wanted the light as long as it had a little slack in the wire.

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Nov 20, 2023
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I did KC Cyclones on mine - white was SUPER bright, so I switched to blue lenses - even though they are technically illegal in new yorkistan.


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