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Feb 27, 2022
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Hey all, checking to see if anyone here has an idea what is going on here (do I just need a new battery)?

My Bronco was one of the ones that sat up in Michigan for two months. Built at the end of June, delivered to me at the end of September.

The first two weeks of owning it, I received a “service charging system soon” message on startup almost every time. I figured it was just due to it sitting for months. It eventually stopped coming up on every startup, and only did it like once a month. I would also get messages a few times a month on FordPass saying my battery is in deep sleep mode.

Anyway, I drove down to the gulf (14 hours) for a little trip this past weekend. Trip down there was smooth. While we were down there, a service charging system now appeared with the red battery symbol on the dash (while I was driving). Nothing changed while driving, and the battery symbol went away after a minute. This didn’t happen again until on the way back home. It happened four more times. Completely random every time, no changes to anything while driving, and it would go away within a minute every time.

Any thoughts?

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