Thank You Gift from Ford Motor Company


On March 18th I was speaking with the Bronco team to get my build date for my new Raptor. The lady I was speaking with asked me if I would like a $100 dollar gift card from Ford to purchase Ford merchandise on their website. Well I of course said "hell yes". So I received an e-mail from Ford with a code with 16 numbers. I bought a hat a few shirts and a few water/coffee bottles. I think I spent about $15 dollars of my own money. I thought this was pretty awesome of Ford to do for people that purchased Broncos.

Fast forward to a few days ago and I was speaking to the Bronco team again. During the conversation the lady asked me if I would like a $100 dollar gift card from Ford. I was honest and told her I had already received one. She thanked me and stated they were only offering one per household. I asked her if other Bronco purchasers could receive the gift card as well and she stated yes. So if you're interested in a gift card you might get lucky and get one if you speak to the Bronco team. I would just say a friend just got his, how could I get mine.
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That's awesome! Nice to see Ford stepping up with little bonuses to help the wait. Thanks for sharing the tip 🍻
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What number do you call to talk about your build date? 800-334-4375?
This is the Ford number I called and got my VIN from(800) 392-3673. They can also link you to the Bronco team.This is the Ford Performance number (800) 367-3788 I originally got my build date from. Now the staff at the first number are able to see my build date.