The Bronco Raptor is Better | On the Lift Inspection - By SVTPerformance


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Feb 24, 2022
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2022 Bronco Raptor
Correction in the video, upper control arms are forged steel, not cast. Nice undercarriage review. An observation I found interesting with the skid plates, working front to rear, the front bash plate that you can see from the front is textured powdercoated silver steel, skid plate under engine is polished heavy aluminum, skid plate under transmission is textured black powder coated steel, skid plate under transfer case is smooth satin black painted steel and the the skid plate under the gas tank is a higher gloss smooth painted doubled steel unit covering bottom and sides of the gas tank. It's like they were purposely finished for identification, or simply different suppliers.

"While we were installing our prototype Whipple Intercooler at Pro-Dyno we decided to take a closer look at out Bronco Raptor on the lift."


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