The New Bronco Raptor Almost Drives Better On-Road Than Off - By HotCars


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Feb 24, 2022
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This is HotCars host Michael Van Runkle On-Road review, Michael's Off-Road review is linked here for your convenience.

"As much as the new Bronco Raptor looks ready to conquer just about every off-roading trail in the known universe, the truth is that most owners will rarely ever leave asphalt behind. Especially given all the massive dealer markups reported, the new so-called “Braptor” looks likely to serve as yet another exclusive luxury SUV competing with the G-Wagen and Land Rover Defender for most stylish 4x4 in the Whole Foods parking lot.

After HotCars host Michael Van Runkle took the Bronco Raptor out on the trails of Rowher Flats (and got a flat, somewhat fittingly), he discovered that quite possibly the big SUV’s best traits emerge while driving around town. Ride along as he takes the Braptor for a quick spin to show how Ford’s engineers managed to accomplish such a miracle in an off-roader as hardcore as the new Bronco Raptor."

It's true, this thing is cush around town.