The sh%##% show is starting


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Mar 8, 2022
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its honestly tempting to do it. BUT I'm pretty sure i'm going to absolutely love it as soon as I get it and won't want to sell it haha
Many dealers will be forcing you to sign a contract disallowing the sale of your new Raptor to anyone else for 12 or 24 months after purchase without their consent and if so, forking over the proceeds above MSRP to them. Not sure how this stands up to the legal system in each state, but it has been enforced in some circumstances. Dealers that are charging a huge ADM won’t be asking for this additional agreement…And some will do both the ADM and the agreement, but as I understand Ford leaves it up to the individual dealer as to if they want to apply this “do not sale” agreement. This is in place to prevent flipping these commodity vehicles while they’re in short supply.
😲 Who are these people willing to pay $50k over!?

For $130k I would get a Ford Raptor and Wildtrak Bronco!
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Mine was going to charge me $20k ADM and I argued it since it was an allocation given to me by Ford and I wasn't taking one that they were given. They are marking up the 2 allocations they got aside from the 3 golden ticket holder allocations they will be selling. They are also making me sign something that says if I sell it in the first year I have to split the profits with them. I won't be selling it so I don't really mind since I only have to pay MSRP. What I don't know is that if the other 2 golden tickets they have are agreeing to pay ADM or if they are doing to them what they did to me. Sounds like it is just up to the dealer on how they handle these things and not a certain policy across the board. You better believe they will sell the 2 allocations they have for as much as the market will bear.

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