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Jul 31, 2023
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O.J. Simpson White Bronco.ftr_.jpg

I have a white Bronco. Likely I would not if it weren't for OJ. That's the truth.

We all know the story and I'm not here to delve into the injustice, the violence, any commentary on police, politics or anything like that.

A case can be made that the low speed chase ushered in the era of the SUV. The EPA began classifying them that year. It was summer of 94, and really the only common SUVs at that time were Chevy Suburbans, Cherokees and Explorers, but it was the age of the minivan. Vehicles were machines, analogs, the visible digital components of a car were it's clocks, heat and aircon if at all.

I was at band practice at the time. By band I mean our rock band. We were in the basement of my friend Mike's house in Danville, PA. I think we we were finishing a long jam of either Little Wing or China Cat Sunflower. I was the bassman, playing a white jazz bass special - you know, the Duff McKagan one. Mike's parents called us upstairs to watch the chase on the living room TV. We ordered Pizza. I was 17.

My questions to the community is where were you? What did you do? Who were you with? How old were you?

What was your vehicle at the time? Mine was a 1990 2-door 4.0 Cherokee Sport.
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Feb 24, 2022
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Nice recollection, you were among the estimated 95 million Americans watching the chase on TV, one of the most watched live events of all time. I had previously owned a Gen3 and later a Gen4 Bronco both with the 351 H.O. engines, my realtor wife at the time seemed to enjoy showing homes on 3rd shift, leaving me and our new born child at home. My emotions and anxiety were high, I remember thinking OJ and his attorney needed the 351 HO.
A tragedy to the victims, family's, and all involved.

My wife now (new wife) has a new White Bronco Badlands, unfortunately the MI license plate "NOT OJ" had already been taken.


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Feb 17, 2022
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Funny but I have a different take (propagated by Bronco historians) that “the chase” was part of the death of the Bronco. Not really, since the car was already on the outs with the car buying public, but it definitely was not a PR boon for Ford.

I had a white Gen3 Bronco XLT from 1985 thru 1997, which I loved (OJ notwithstanding).

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Feb 18, 2022
The association of the bronco with Simpson was one of the worst PR things that could have happened to the bronco brand. The bronco is a great American icon that I have had the pleasure of owning in various forms over the years. It is a shame that it had to live in infamy because of the murders committed by Simpson and the ensuing pursuit. Nothing worth recalling about him, that incident or that day for me, and the less association between Simpson and the bronco brand the better, but knock yourself out. It would be nearsighted not to add the International Harvester line of Scouts, Travelalls, etc. to the list of pre-SUVS you cited.

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